Welcome to Texknit

Texknit S.A. is a company dedicated to textile dyes and finishes with a noticeable specialization in knitwear . With more than 30 years of professional development and the constant ambition to improve of our technic equipment and human team, guarantee the solid position in which we find ourselves in the textile market of quality, both nationally and internationally.

More than a good relationship

We are characterized by a close relationship with each of our clients and, beyond a simple product, we offer our collaboration and advice on finding the required finishes. We are aware of the continuous evolution of the textile sector and the speed with which commands are needed, and that is why quality, innovation and agility are our main priorities.


Technic equipment and human team

We have the newest machinery and a human team formed and motivated with a unique objective: offer the maximum quality with the minimum timings. We care about the clients’ satisfaction and we dedicate all our effort to achieve it.